About This Blog

This is a blog from a rose lover to another rose lover. A special site devoted to roses in the tropics and for tropical home gardeners who grow and care for this flower. 

There are many sites on roses and rose gardening. Why is this one special?

I live in Malaysia and have been growing and caring for roses for almost 4 years now. My experience taught me one thing. That is it’s often very difficult to find local resources on roses and information on how to grow and care for them locally - in Malaysia’s wet and humid weather.

No doubt there are thousands of resources around on roses which have helped me a lot during my initial year of growing. But many of these resources come from USA, Canada, UK and Australia which undeniably, draw their materials together only on one common footing – the Western climates.

There are few resources from India and Indonesia but they are not quite useful in dealing with Malaysia’s unique macro and micro climate. Most of these sites deal with issues such as growing roses under glass or greenhouses for cut rose production. Certainly, these are not what home gardeners like you and I are in the look for. 

I created this blog with an open mind and dream that information on growing roses in the tropics for home gardeners can be documented, collected and shared.

This site is dedicated to fellow rose lovers and home gardeners and those who share our climate (the tropics) too.

I hope all of us will be guided in our quest for beautiful roses and hopefully this blog will give rise to our very own rich resource on growing roses locally.

About Me

Firstly, you can call me Rough.
Secondly, I am a mother of 3 kids.

Thirdly, just like you, I am a home gardener who is in love with roses and devotes her spare time in growing this pretty flower.

I’ve learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to roses from my own experience of growing over 70 type of roses, reading dozens of books on roses, browsing the internet, sharing tips with some of the smartest gardeners around and constantly reading and questioning everything I can on the subject of roses.  I also have made myself familiar with the varieties that grow well in our climate.

I also found joy in frequenting forums, nurseries and rose gardens to widen my knowledge and views.

My endeavor would be to learn as much as possible about growing roses locally in Malaysia, to collect as much information as there ever is, and subsequently to share.

My wildest dream would be to form the 1st community of rose lovers in Malaysia and inspire many to love this flower as well.

Do visit my blogs for interesting posts and you are most welcomed to share your experiences, stories, comments even inquiries in growing this queen of flower.


I enjoy writing in both English and Bahasa Malaysia therefore my posts are written in both languages. I hope by having 2 languages simultaneously, this blog would be more interesting and appealing to both type of readers. 

Nevertheless, I am more comfortable writing in English as evidently many of my posts are in English, but I do hope you enjoy reading the posts in both languages as much as I enjoy writing them.

One note though, each posting is uniquely written in one language only and is not translated to the other as I feel such act is a waste of time. The energy is better channeled towards writing more informative postings.


This blog is created personally by me (RoughRose) for the purpose of sharing general information on roses.

Through this blog you are able to link to other blogs/sites which nature, content and availability are not under my control. Inclusions of any links do not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of views expressed within them. All data, text, images and videos that appear on these sites are copyright of their respective owners and I claim no credit for them unless otherwise stated.

Whereas, I own fully the copyright of data, text, images and videos as posted by myself and illegal use of them is strictly prohibited. Kindly report any abuse.